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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week 4

Welcome to another glorious week in kindergarten!

Image result for clip art we love grandparents

I had so much fun meeting the grandparents this week!  I know the kids had a great time eating with them and giving them a tour of our room.  Please thank them for coming!  If they were not able to come (but can do so at a future date) they are always welcome to eat with their grandchild any day. 

Image result for clip art letter R       Image result for clip art letter t

The letter Rr says Rrrrr.  Last week we road our cars on our Rr roads practicing the sound. 

We ate really good raisins! 

And we had a visit from Hazel’s Rabbit.  Thanks Hazel for sharing!  

Then we learned how to draw a rabbit and write the letter Rr.

For the letter Tt we ate
terrific tiny tomatoes!  We also discovered we can make letters with our body.

We played with Mrs. Scalise’s taxi on a track.

Image result for clip art pooh bear tea party

We ended the week with a Teddy Bear Tea (lemonade) Party with Teddy Grahams. 

This week we met our 4th grade Study Buddy.  They are Mrs. VanPatten’s students.  We interviewed each other and got to know them.  We will get to read to them (and have them read to us) along with helping us practice our snap words, every week!  Ask your child about his or her buddy.

Image result for clip art writing my name

We have spent the first 4 weeks working on how to spell our first name.  At this point your child should be able to spell and write his/her first name without any help.  This includes starting their name with a capital letter and the rest of their name in lower case letters.  Have your child write their name for you at home.  If they can’t do this with 100% accuracy without any prompting then they are behind and I highly encourage you to work with them at home.  Have them practice writing it in sand or on a cookie sheet in salt.  Writing it in shaving cream is also fun!

Image result for clip art homework

Thanks to all the families that are being PROACTIVE with your child’s homework each week!  Please take a look at the following list to make sure your child receives full credit for their homework each week.

This is what a completed Home Learn packet looks like:
  • Each assignment is completed 100%
  • All handwriting is done in PENCIL (not pen, crayon, or marker)
  • Pictures are colored with 3 or more colors (when coloring is indicated)
  • The colored Home Learn Bookmark is still attached to the packet & returned
  • You have initialed or placed a check mark next to each assignment on the       bookmark
  • You have logged at least 60 minutes reading time each week

New this week – Reading Minutes

Make sure you look for this on the bookmark attached to the homework packet this week.  It will explain the way we will be tracking your child’s reading minutes each week (instead of a monthly reading log).  You will be keeping track of the time you read to your child and/or the time they read to you.
Please help your child learn this important skill of completing homework and returning it each Thursday.  Plus, they get to “clip-up” on our Responsibility Chart when then return it on time.


Language Arts Quiz
This will be coming home in your child’s Home Learn Folder.  Take a look at it and celebrate everything they got right.  Then, practice, practice, practice any letters and/or snap words they missed.  All students should be able to identify the letters: Mm, Ss, Rr, Tt & words: my, the, a, and.
Try practicing writing them in a cookie tray with salt or writing them in shaving cream.  They can also make them out of Play-Doh or search for these letters while at the store or driving in the car.

Our first math unit has been all about sorting and classifying according to attributes (size, shape, and color).  They have learned how to group objects that are similar or identical.  On Thursday we will take our first math assessment on these concepts to “Show what we know and where we did grow!”  

Image result for clip art apples

DONATIONS NEEDED…  1 APPLE from each child
This week we will be learning about the letter Aa, it’s long and short sounds.  
To do this I would like each child to bring one apple from home by TUESDAY.
In math we will be graphing using the apples and then eat them.  So they will not be coming back home.

Sept. 19th              Picture Retakes
Sept. 21st & 22nd  Thursday and Friday
  • Thursday is a minimum day.  Our class will be dismissed at 12:45. 
  •  Friday there is no school.  These 2 days are Professional Development for the teachers in the OPA building.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
citizens can change the world.  Indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Mead

Have a fabulous week!
Mrs. Scalise

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 3

I have just finished complying the list of parents that signed up at back to school night to volunteer in our class.  Thank you for volunteering!  I had such a great response!  If you didn’t sign up but would like to come in and help 1 day a week for even an hour just send me a REMIND or email me.  I prefer morning time over afternoon.  We now have Fridays filled but you could come any other day Monday-Thursday between the hours of 8:30-9:45.

Last Week...

We learned about the letter Mm.  Take a look at some marvelous mustaches and munching on muffins.  Mm is also the beginning sound in mouse and macaroni! Mmm good!

We also learned about the letter Ss.  Spiderman spinning, strawberries, and swiss chard all begin with Ss.  Some of the children bravely tried the swiss chard.  Some liked it and some did not!

We are learning how to read!  Just like with shoes when we pick a book to read we want it to be a "GOOD FIT".  We found out that Mrs. Scalise's shoe was not a good fit for a kindergartner and their shoe was not a "GOOD FIT" for Mrs. Scalise!

This Week...

This week we will be learning about the letters Rr, Tt, and the sight words I and like

We are learning that letters fall into one of three categories.  They are TALL, SMALL, or FALL below the bottom line.  When your child is writing at home encourage them to identify which one each letter is. 

We also start writing ALL letters at the top and go to the bottom.  This will help them do their best handwriting.  Make sure you refer to the ABC handwriting page that is in the back pocket of your child's Homework Folder.

Grandparent Lunch ~ Tuesday, Sept. 12th  11:10 am
·         Check in at the office to get a name badge and pay for lunch - $3.00
·         Go directly to the lunchroom with your lunch receipt – we will meet you there

at OPA ~ Sept. 29th   4:00-7:00 p.m.
This is always a fun activity with lots of food, games, and fun!  

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences ~ October 18th & 19th
As we get closer I let you know how to sign-up and when they will be available.  I am looking forward to sharing some wonderful things with you about your child!

Last but certainly not least we want to thank one of our wonderful OPA volunteer parents, Anna Cash for taking us out to the OPA garden and teaching us about gardening!  We tasted carrots, beets, and some of us were brave enough to even try raw onions.  
Thank you Mrs. Cash!