7 Habits

Friday, May 11, 2018

Week 34

Hold onto your hat!  Next week is going to be a wild ride with so many events going on.  PLEASE make sure you read EVERYTHING in your child’s homework folder on Monday.  There are many notes and a couple of final assessments that you won’t want to miss.  You do not need to return their homework folder.  It is now theirs to keep.

Image result for clip art graduation pictures
have arrived!  
If you would like to view the pictures and purchase the whole packet or some of the pages you may do so in the office.  The secretaries will have them available from Monday-Friday.  You can pay for them with check or cash (exact amount, please).  You may also pay with a card by going on line to mylifetouch.com and purchase them there.  They will give you a payment code that you will need to bring to the school to show proof of purchase.  Keep in mind that your child will be getting one of these pictures on their graduation diploma so there is no obligation to purchase.

These are the prices:
All 5 sheets of pictures = $35.00
Any 4 sheets of your choice = $37.00
Any 3 sheets of your choice = $31.00
Any 2 sheets of your choice = $21.00
Any 1 sheet of your choice = $11.00

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Once again we have 2 fabulous Raz Kid Readers 

that passed off a level!



Community Workers
This week we had so much fun role playing community workers! We were cashiers, waiters & waitresses, chefs and patrons.

We also had some wonderful parents and Mrs. Karren’s son tell us about their professions.

Travis Karren is a Libarian.  He told us all of the things a librarian does and the many things we can do at a library.  Boy are they busy.

Aiden Janssen’s father is an Aero Space Engineer.  He told us about how rockets are made and tested.  He said we can even go watch a rocket being tested. 

Skylar Hargrave’s father works for a company that helps people start their own business.  Several of the children said they had ideas of different businesses they would like to start.  

Thank you to all of these men for sharing your profession with us!

Every single child in our class turned in their library books and/or paid their fines!  The librarians said to tell you thank you!  Because of that, all of the children got to go to the library party.  There is nothing better than snuggling in a blanket with a good book while eating popcorn and grapes!  Thank you librarians for a wonderful party!

We celebrated our SPECIALS TEACHERS this week.  We brainstormed reasons we love our Spanish, PE, Music and Art teachers and their classes.  Then we made each of them a poster.  

I also appreciate how thoughtful the children and you parents were to me this week.  I truly do feel appreciated and loved!  The kids all brainstormed 22 reasons they appreciate me.  Then Mrs. Karren typed them up and framed them for me.  I will cherish that gift forever!

Mrs. Sorensen our Spanish Teacher

Mr. Pacheco our PE Teacher

Mrs. McKay our Art Teacher

Miss Fowers our Music Teacher

Community Worker DRESS-UP DAY!  
On Tuesday your child is invited to come to school dressed up as their favorite community worker.  These ARE NOT fantasy, make-believe characters, or super heroes.

We will be taking a picture of each of them.  Please do not go out and buy a costume.  Get creative, look around your house for props.  (No guns or swords).  Take a look at what some of the children dressed up as last year.

Image result for clip art walking field trip
We will be walking to the park 2 blocks from school.  We have earned PERFECT ATTENDANCE FREE DRESS.  So on that day your child may wear FREE DRESS!  We will leave the school at 1:00 and return in time for dismissal at 3:00 pm.
Image result for clip art walking field trip

          FRIDAY, MAY 18th                  
Don’t forget to send your child to school on Friday with their favorite Teddy Bear and a blanket for our Teddy Bear Picnic (it will be at our school during our regular lunchtime).  They can either choose to eat school lunch or bring their lunch from home.

MONDAY & TUESDAY, MAY 21st & 22nd
Please make sure you are on time for your child’s assessment.  All of our assessments are back to back and we will need the full amount of time to complete their test.

·         Look for this invitation in your child’s folder
·         Have your child at the school by 8:30 am – come to the classroom
·         The children need to wear best dress
·         The children will be wearing a graduation cap – girls, no “poofy” hairdos
·         If your child has a speaking part please practice it throughout the week 
(these will be sent home on Monday via email)

Last but certainly not least… 
I will continue to keep your child’s name on his/her Raz Kids until the first of August.  That means you will have access to reading and continuing to advance levels all summer long.  I however, will not be monitoring the program or giving out stars.  I encourage you to take advantage of it and read all summer.  Happy reading!

This will be my last blog post for the year.  I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed being your child’s teacher!  It has been a truly fabulous year and I will truly miss each and every one of them!  They have all grown in spectacular ways.  I am so proud of everyone!  Thank you for all of your support and sharing your children with me!  Have a great summer!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 33

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If your child has turned in all of their library books and paid any outstanding library fines they are invited to our LIBRARY READING PARTY (tomorrow – Monday the 7th)!  They may bring a small blanket and pillow.  A snack will also be provided by the librarians.

In our Kindergarten Hallway Huddle on Friday we celebrated 1 student from each kindergarten class for being a great example of Habit #7 ~ Sharpen The Saw.  Nevaeh Bratcher was chosen from our class!  Congratulations Nevaeh!

Image result for clip art HABIT 7 SHARPEN THE SAW

Last week 3 fabulous readers passed off a level in Raz Kids!  
Congratulations to…




Image result for clip art community workers

Thank you to the 3 fathers that came to our class last week and shared their jobs with us!

Camilla’s father is a Physicians Assistant.  He talked with us about what doctors do and how to take care of our bodies.  He even let us use some of his equipment. 

Then we role played being a doctor a veterinarian, an eye doctor and being a patient.  I think we might have some future doctors in our class!

Aiden M.s father is an artist.  He does commissioned oil paintings, art on the computer and tattooing.  

We learned about what a banker does and why it is important to make wise choices with our money. We then practiced being an artist by painting a ceramic bank.

Did you ever wonder where garbage bags come from?  Well Ashlynn's father works at Heritage Bag Company and he told us about the whole process of making them.  It was so interesting!   

All 3 of these workers told us how important reading, math, and being proactive is to be successful in their jobs.  

We have 3 more community workers coming this week: a librarian, a rocket engineer, and a father that helps people start their own business.

Watch for these items in your child’s 

Image result for clip art homework folder

      Your child’s final homework assignment for the next 2 weeks is to complete each task on the TEDDY BEAR PICNIC page.  After your child completes one of the tasks they need to color it.  Then return the completed page by Thursday the 17th.  This will be your child’s ticket to our Teddy Bear Picnic (to be held during our regular lunch time).  Friday, May 18th will be our picnic. Refer to the invitation in your child’s folder for details.

         Math Unit 12 Assessment ~ Numbers to 20
Please take time to look over this assessment with your child.  Make sure you celebrate what your child has learned.  Then continue to practice and review all of these concepts.

         FREE ICE CREAM!  If your child turned in readingminutes in the month of April they earned free ice cream from Cold Stone!  Congratulations!

         SAFETY SKILLS – the children have been working on learning their safety skills all year long.  Many of them have passed them all off.  Some of them still need to memorize and pass off their address.  Take a look at the blue note in their folder.  It will indicate which ones your child has passed off. 

Image result for clip art Waterford reading program

We got a very exciting visit this week!  Our school was chosen to have a special reward because our student have done so well at completing our Waterford Program in class.  Rusty the Raccoon is the mascot of the program.  He came to celebrate with us!  We danced and sang with him.  It was lots of fun!

Image result for clip art mark your calendar
Monday, May 7th – Library Reading Party

Tuesday, May 15th – Community Worker Dress-Up Day 

Wednesday, May 16th – Class Goal Reward Activity ~ walking to the park 1-3 pm

Thursday, May 17th – Teddy Bear Picnic Homework DUE

Friday, May 18th – Teddy Bear Picnic, Last day of class

Monday & Tuesday, May 21, 22 – Kindergarten KEEP Assessment 
each student will only come for the day/time they signed up for

Wednesday, May 23rd – Mrs. Scalise’s & Mrs. Maag’s Graduation  9-10 am
All family members are invited!  Watch for an invitation to come home next week with more information. The dress for the children will be “best dress”.

Have a fabulous week!
Mrs. Scalise