7 Habits

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week 20

Our class is becoming really great at synergizing!  They earned 100 tally marks for working together and chose as their reward to have a STUFFED ANIMAL DAY!
Each child taught their animal all throughout the day.  

Take a look at some of the things they taught them…

 How to do our Jump-Start

How to read CVC words

How to do the Pledge of Allegiance

How to be the Calendar Leader

How to clip-up on our RESPONSIBILITY CHART

How to write

How to speak spanish

How to eat a snack

How to do our Waterford Program

How to do science

How to do our Leadership Jobs like cleaning the tables...

Sharpening pencils...

Sweeping the floor

And how to wear a name tag

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I am so happy and pleased to announce that our DIBELS assessment was a HUGE success!  The progress that the children made was such a  pay-out for me as a teacher!  I hope when you see your child’s progress report (a copy will be given to you at Parent Teacher Conference) you will give yourself a pat on the back and smother you child with hugs and kisses!

Look who passed off a level in Raz Kids…

Aiden Janssen

In Spanish Mrs. Sorensen is teaching the children all about the family.  She is asking that each child bring a picture of his/her family by Tuesday to use in class this week.  Any size will do.  The pictures will be returned to you and will not be altered in any way.

This week we will be taking our unit assessment on Comparing Numbers

Our eagle writing is really coming along!  I can’t wait for you to see their book!  We have already completed 4 pages!  When they are finished we will submit them to the Love Your Library Contest.

1 large bag or box of Fruit Loops

Please contact me if you would like to donate this

Minimum Day & $1.00 Free Dress ~ Friday, February 2nd

Valentine’s Day Activity ~ Wednesday, February 14th

PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES ~ Thursday/Friday, February 15th & 17th 

Tuesday, FEBRUARY 20th

9:00 – 11:00 am

This is one of my favorite field-trips!  We will be learning all about Fairy Tales and doing several activities including participating in a play.

I will need 5 parents to accompany us that day.  I will take the first 5 that contact me.  NO siblings – please.  You may ride with us on the bus or meet us there.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 19

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I hope you and your child had a relaxing long weekend.  I sure enjoyed mine!  Now we are ready to get to get back to work!  A little bit about last week and this week…

Congratulations to Victor Buendia for passing off a level in Raz Kids last week!

Last week in language arts we practiced our new sight word - this.  At the same time we tied it into our 7 HABITS:  #4 Think Win-Win!  
We each drew a name out of a container of someone in our class.  
Then we wrote the sentence, “This is for you!”  we then drew a picture
of something we thought they would like.  We kept it a secret until we
were done then we gave it to them.  It was a win-win because everyone
got a special note and everyone got to practice learning a new word.

Our DIBELS testing will begin this week. It is very important that the children come rested and well fed each day so
they can be alert and ready to do their best work.  If you would like to know the
areas in which they will be assessed please refer to last week’s blog post.

We are still working on our math unit that is all about Comparing Sets.  
We have compared everything from sets of children to fish crackers.  
We rolled a die and created a set.  Then we made another set that had 1
more or 1 less in it.  Try doing this at home with the dice I gave your child
at Christmas.  Get creative with the manipulative and have fun!

2nd TERM REPORT CARDS will come home on Wednesday  
Please take time to celebrate all that your child has learned.  
You can access the grade break-down on ASPIRE if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to sign the envelope and send it back this week.
You get to keep the report card.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Week 18

I hope your holiday was relaxing and full of fun!  

 goes out to several of our kiddos!  
Camilla, Miguelangle, Arron, and Hazel all passed off another level in Raz Kids! 

They received 500 extra stars, a prize from the Treasure Box, and got to clip-up on the Responsibility Chart.

RAZ KID REMINDER your child should now be on or above level A to be on track for 1st grade.  All children should be ready to begin level D when they enter 1st grade.  That means they will have completed the following levels: aa, A, B, and C.
ALL children should be working on Raz Kids at least 3 days each week.  Please, please make it a priority.

We have finished our math units on measuring: length, weight, & capacity.  The assessment is an oral one that each student completes one-on-one with me.  I am almost finished with them and will post their grade on Aspire for you to view.

We are now working on comparing numbers within 10 and learning the math vocabulary: more than, fewer/less than, equal.  One of the activities we did was to make our name with linking cubes and compare them to each other to see if we had more or less letters than our friends.

Image result for clip art coming up

On Monday your child will be bringing home their Language Arts Unit 3 Assessment.  Please review it with your child and celebrate!  Then review and practice any that they missed.

The next page of orange sight-words will also be in their folder.  Cut them apart and add them to their baggie.  These words can be kind of tricky and may require some extra practice to learn. 

There is NO homework bookmark in the folder this coming week.  Your child will be working on their new spelling sort and practicing for the upcoming DIBELS Assessment.  These 2 assignments are explained below -


We will resume Words Their Way Spelling Sorts.  Several of the children have advanced into new groups!  Make sure you look closely at the sort your child brings home this week.  If your child was in Letter Sorts and moving up to Short Vowels they will now be writing consonant, vowel, consonant words instead of just beginning sounds. 

       Our DIBELS Assessment will begin on Tuesday the16th.  Part of the homework is a practice page to help prepare them for this assessment.  Please read it carefully and notify me if you have any questions.  There are 4 parts to the timed test:
·         Letter names
·         Identifying beginning sounds
·         Segmenting cvc words
·         Reading nonsense words

On Thursday we started our expository writing unit on EAGLES.  This is a huge project!  Throughout the next 4 weeks we will be learning about eagles then each student will create an 8 page book, complete with original art work.  This book will then be submitted to the LOVE YOUR LIBRARY CONTEST that our library is hosting.
Image result for clip art eagle

Have a fabulous week!

Mrs. Scalise