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Friday, April 21, 2017

Week 34

You wouldn’t believe all of the fun we had learning in kindergarten this last week!  Just take a look…

We became Kings (Queens) of ING.  We have learned how to take a verb + ing to create a new word that shows an action happening right now. 

On Tuesday we had a special visitor surprise the children!  Rusty the Raccoon from Waterford came to our class.  The Waterford program is a language program that the children do daily on the IPad.  Each day, all of the children complete a 20 minute session working on reading skills on their individual level.  Rusty is the character in the program that talks the children through their session.  Our kindergarten was chosen as one of the top elementary schools in the area to use the program to fidelity.  As a reward they sent Rusty to meet our children.  He danced with us, high-fived us, did songs and activities from the Waterford program and then gave the children a treat!  It was so fun!!!

We have been studying all about poetry.  We have learned that poems are really short stories with usually lots of rhyming words.  Their sentence structure is different than when we write a story and each line usually starts with a capital letter.  After reading lots and lots of poems our class created our own poem.  We think it is pretty great!  What do you think?

Baby kitten,



Gray, golden, black,


Meow, Meow, Meow.

We are Writers!
I loved the sentences you wrote for homework using your spelling sort words!  We know that sentences: begin with a capital letter, have 1 finger spacing between words, and end with punctuation.  Take a look at some of the pretty awesome sentences some of the children wrote…

We are going GREEN!

Saturday is Earth Day.  All week long we learned what it means to “Go Green”.  We want to help protect our earth.  One of the things we have decided to do is help pick up litter and make sure we don’t litter.  We started by picking up litter around our school.  It was so fun to see how excited the children got when they found trash and got to throw it away.

Science is so FUN!
In science we have been learning about where animal live.  In the air, on land, and in the water.  We have also explored their different types of coverings: skin, fins, feathers, fur, and scales.  On Friday we had a visit from some of Mrs. Scofield’s pets from her farm.  We got to pet and observe chickens, baby chicks, rabbits, ducks, and even a baby lamb that was only 2 days old!  I heard one of our kiddos say, “This is the best day in kindergarten, every!”  I have to agree.  It was pretty fun!  Science is so great!

Please pay special attention to the items in your child’s homework folder when it comes home on Monday.  There are 2 notes that you need to fill out and return to school as soon as possible.

1st note – Graduation Cap & Gown Picture Day is Thursday.  Check the box to indicate which background you prefer your child to have (even if you do not plan on purchasing any of the pictures).  The picture of your child will be placed on your child’s graduation diploma (free of charge to you).  If you do not return the note indicating a background preference, the photographer will choose one for your child.  Because they will be wearing a cap and gown (provided by Lifetouch) just have your child wear their school uniform that day.  GIRLS – please make sure their hair is appropriate to be able to put a graduation cap on it and lie flat.  No ponytails on top of their head or big bows or hair do’s.

The Lifetouch Company is providing these pictures and diplomas for us for FREE.  Because of that there will NOT be a make-up picture day for absent children.

2nd note – ZOO lunch preference.  We need to know your child’s lunch preference for the zoo.  Home lunch, or school sack lunch: pbj or turkey sandwich.  Please read the note carefully and send it back to school no later than Thursday.  If you or other family members are coming and would like to purchase a school sack lunch you will need to indicate that, too.  Then, pay for your lunch(es) in the office, attach your receipt to the yellow zoo note and bring it to me.  Adult lunches CANNOT be paid for from your child’s lunch account.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

Make sure you continue to practice the alphabet letter and word timings that came home last week.  We want to make sure every child is ready for their test on Monday, May 1st

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 33

CALLING ALL Community Workers…
Starting May 1st and going through May 12th we will begin learning about community workers:  doctors, nurses, farmers, housewives, policeman, librarians, musicians, bakers...   I would LOVE to have some parents come to our class to share what you do in your job (10-15 minutes).  We are very flexible and can work around your schedule.  Please contact me if you are interested.

ZOO update
We just found out that the price for an adult ticket to the zoo is $16.95 & children (3-12) are $12.95.  If you were planning on driving down and meeting up with us we just wanted you to be aware of the price change.  
There is no charge for the children in our class

In your child’s HOMEWORK FOLDER this week…
Noun and Verb Quizzes – please take time to review them with your child.  If they missed more than one on each quiz then please review and practice them at home. 

As you are sitting at the dinner table ask your child to look around and tell you 3 or 4 nouns that they see (a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal).  While driving in the car ask your child to look for action verbs. 

DIBELS Prep - Next week is our final DIBELS test for the year.  We are once again asking that you help with a final review of the skills they will be tested on starting next Monday.  The green note in your child’s folder explains how to do that.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Reading Minutes 
Give yourself a pat on the back!  We had well over 2500 minutes logged last week!  That is a new record for us!  Thank you and keep up the great support and reading!

We Love Our TA!
Last week was Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week.  We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Karren in our classroom.  She is a fabulous support to me and your children.  We made a Star TA booklet to give to her.  Thank you Mrs. Karren for all that you do!

Last week we got to have a LEGO PARTY because we earned 150 tally marks for synergizing together as a class.  It was so fun and definitely work the work to earn it!  Take a look…

Don't Forget to Add This Date to Your Calendar...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 32

Congratulations to the students that completed their reading minutes for March!  You get to enjoy a FREE Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut.  The Pizza Hut program has now come to an end for the year.  Make sure you redeem your last coupon within the next 30 days before it expires. 


We have been working really hard on recognizing and writing NOUNS and VERBS.  We know that a noun is a person, place, thing, or animal.  A verb is an action.  If you can do it, you can do it, you can do it… It’s a verb!

Take a look at some of the verbs the kids wrote about and illustrated.

We will continue to work with verbs and inflected endings like: ed & ing.  Words like: pop, popping, popped.
Look for these kinds of words in your reading,

450 popsicle sticks
I will need these by Monday the 10th when we return to school after Spring Break.  Please email me or send me a REMIND if you can help.  Thank you!

We had a really fun opportunity to work in our school garden on Friday with Mrs. Cash!  She taught us about plants that are already growing in the garden and then we went on a search to see if we could find some of those plants like onions and strawberries.  We mulched the strawberry plants with leaves. We also got to weed, prepare the soil, and plant peas!  This was a messy job but so fun!  Thank you Mrs. Cash!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 31

Did you see the latest math assessment on addition and subtraction that came home in your child's homework folder, today?  Celebrate their successes!  Then reinforce and practice any that they missed.  If your child missed only one then they have a good understanding of addition and subtraction.  If they missed 2 or more then they need to keep practicing over and over. 

A fun way to do it is to use manipulatives in their environment like cereal, Legos, toy cars, or stuffed animals and have them make up a story problem to go with them.

Last week we made bear caves and stories to go along with 10 bears.  The students’ stories were so creative and fun!

This was Antonio’s story, “There were 10 bears playing outside.  All 10 bears went to the roof of their cave to fix it.  Then there were 0 bears left playing.”

Jacob M.’s story was…”There were 10 bears outside.  3 of them went to play with Leilani in the cave.  7 bears were still outside playing.”

We also made addition sentences with spots on a ladybug.  Math is so much fun!

We just finished learning about what a noun is: person, place, or thing.  We also learned that nouns can be singular or plural.  Take a look at what Eloise and Brianna did to illustrate these 2 types of nouns.

Our top 2 Raz Kid Readers last week were – Eli and Antonio!  Congratulations boys!  They got to pick a prize out of the special prize box.

I want to remind and encourage you to have your child read on Raz Kids especially on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays when they don’t have homework.  To be ready for first grade your child needs to be at the end of Level C ready to begin Level D.  ONLY 2 months left.

Last week we did several experiments to determine the characteristics of our rocks.  We tested the texture, hardness of the rock, made a prediction about whether or not it would sink or float and what the circumference of the rock was.  We weighed it to see how many cubes heavy it was, observed the colors and whether or not it was shiny or dull.

Then we finished up by writing about those characteristics.  I was so proud of what they wrote!  Watch for it in their Writing Portfolio that will come home at the end of the school year.

   Kindergarten Graduation Pictures 

                                                          Thursday, April 27th 

Lifetouch will be coming to the school, free of charge and taking a picture of the kindergarteners in a cap and gown that will be placed on your child’s graduation diploma.  They will only be at the school 1 day to take the pictures.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD AND MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS NOT ABSENT THAT DAY. 
There will be an option to purchase additional prints if you would like to, but the diploma with their picture will be free.  A flier will be coming home with more details as we get closer to the date.

Have a safe and fun