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Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 30

We have been studying Dr. Seuss’s books and last week we did Green Eggs & Ham.  Then we tried eating green eggs and ham.  Some of us liked it and some definitely did not!  Then we wrote about it.  We sure love Dr. Seuss! 

How is your child’s grass doing at home?  I hope is it continuing to be Groovy Grass!  If they take care of it, it will last a long, long time.  I once had a student that kept his alive for a couple of years!  Wow!

We also wrote about our Groovy Grass!

This week we are taking the math test on addition (composition) and subtraction (decomposition).  Watch for it to come home next week.  We have been working really hard in class on these concepts and I can’t wait to see “What they know and where they did grow!”  

We did it!  We earned Perfect Attendance!  Our FREE DRESS day will be tomorrow, Tuesday.  This is only for our class.

But… Friday will be a $1.00 FREE DRESS Day for the whole school.

Calendar Events...

April 3rd -7th  ~ NO SCHOOL

Zoo Field Trip 
Tuesday, May 9th 
8:10 am – 2:30 pm

I am allowed to have 4 parents come with us on the bus that will get in FREE to the zoo.  Those 4 parents will be in chaperoning a group of 5/6 children.

I have the following parents already signed up with us to ride the bus:
1.    Megan Cottle
2.    Anna Cash
3.    Jessica Norman

All parents are invited to drive to the zoo and come, but if you are not 1 of the 4 assigned chaperones or you are bringing a sibling(s) you will need drive down on your own and purchase your tickets.  You will be assigned to stay with the group your child is in during the field trip. 

We really want to maintain this field trip as a “school class trip”.  If you would like to spend more time at the zoo and make it more of a family experience then you may want to pick another day to go with just your family.  All children MUST ride the bus both ways.  No exceptions.  It is school policy and a liability issue.  Thank you for understanding. J

Adults - $14.95
Seniors (65 and older) - $12.95
Children 3 to 12 - $10.95
Children 2 and younger are free

Watch for further information to come home in your child's homework folder after Spring Break.

Last day of class for Kindergarten (only) ~ Thursday, May 18th

Kindergarten Graduation ~ Friday, May 19th 9:00 am

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 29

We are really becoming great botanists.  We are observing how our living, Groovy Grass is changing, daily.  We are watering it and even cutting it.

We also tasted quite a variety of seeds and roots last week during our Seed Tasting Party.  Some we really liked and some not so much.  We learned that seeds come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors.  They also grow in many different ways. 

This week in science we will be changing gears and talking about something that is non-living ~ ROCKS
Your child has an assignment to search out and find 1 rock from outside to use on Thursday.  It must be bigger than a marble but be able to fit in the palm of their hand.  I do not want them to bring a rock purchased from the store.  On Monday we will talk about how to find a rock. Please help support your child in their search and send the rock to school by Thursday.  We will be using them to discover the characteristics of rocks and how we use them in our lives.

BOOTS & BUNKERS visited our school last week and taught us how to be safe when confronted by strangers and in other situations. We learned how it is important to think and make good choices at all times.  Make sure you take a look at the coloring contest they gave us that is in your child's homework folder.  Even if your child doesn't participate in the contest, make sure you cut off and keep the coupon for a free ice cream.


REPORT CARDS will be coming home on Thursday.  Please take time to celebrate your child's hard work.  Then sign the envelope and return it to school.  

Remember... Thursday is a minimum day.  School will be dismissed at 12:45.  NO SCHOOL on Friday.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 28

Happy Birthday
This week was Dr. Seuss’ birthday and we celebrated several of the wonderful stories he has written!  One of the books we read was Bartholomew’s OOBLECK.  We learned about the scientific process and how to make informed predictions.  Then, using oobleck we tested those predictions to see if we were right.  Science is so fun!

Also in 
We learned that plants start with a seed. 

Little seeds lie fast asleep,
In a row, in a row.
Wake up, wake up,
Calls the sun.
Wake up now and grow.

It was fun acting it out.  We were the seeds covered with soil (scarves) and Karlee was the sun that woke us up.

We learned that plants need: sun, water, and soil to grow.

We planted Groovy Guy Grass & Groovy Girl Grass.  Starting this week we will learn about the parts of a plant and why plants are so important to us.  Keep watching the blog to see how they will change over the next few weeks.


This week we will be having a Seed Tasting Party.  I want the children to discover that seeds come in many different forms.  I already have most of what we need but, I still could use the following types of seeds.  If you can donate any of these, please contact me.

·         1 container raspberries
·         1 container strawberries
·         4 ribs of celery
·         Edamame

We are working really hard in class to learn the last few snap words.  Make sure you are reviewing them daily, at home.  I love it when parents tell me about the fun and creative ways they are helping their child practice them.  Keep up the great work!

Our fabulous kindergarten won the lunchroom contest this week for being the most proactive at lunchtime.  We cleaned up after ourselves, talked in quiet voices, and emptied our trays appropriately.  Congratulations kids!   

·         Thursday, Mar. 16th              Minimum Day - Teacher PD
·         Friday, Mar. 17th                   NO SCHOOL – Teacher PD
·         Monday, Mar. 13th               4th Quarter Begins
·         April 3rd – 7th                         SPRING BREAK

Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 27

March in like a lion and out like a lamb.  This saying may be true when it comes to the weather but not when it comes to what we are doing in our class.  We are roaring ahead with some great science, math, and language arts concepts all the way to the end of the month!

Our class “Rocked it!”  We raised $120.15!  That means we won the Bronze Award and Kaylee Ramirez won the Olive Garden wrist band for donating the most pennies in our class.  She gets to have a FREE kid’s meal at Olive Garden, once a week for a whole year!  Congratulations, Kaylee!


Language Arts Unit 5 Assessment
It will be coming home on Monday in your child’s homework folder.  Make sure you celebrate your child’s successes!  Then continue to review, review, and review the ones they missed. 

By this time in the school year your child should be able to write 6 cvc (consonant/vowel/consonant) words and write a complete sentence to include: a capital letter at the beginning, all sight words spelled correctly, put space between every word, and end with punctuation.  Look on the last page of the test to see how your child did.

President’s Day
We learned all about 2 of our most famous presidents: Abraham Lincoln & George Washington. 

Among other things we learned that President Washington wore a 3 corner hat and dressed very differently from us. 

 The children then wrote about both men and did a fabulous job!  Stop by our class to see what your child wrote about these wise and brave men!

Important Dates for this week...

  • Tuesday - Library day
  • Thursday - Homework folder Due with reading minutes
  • Friday - $1.00 Free Dress
  • Friday - Spelling Test
  • Friday - Minimum Day, school dismissed at 12:45 pm                   


Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 26

We reached our goal of 120 tally marks by synergizing together as a class!  The reward that we were working towards was a game day.  We played Lucky Ducks, Fishing, ZINGO, Barrel of Monkeys, Ring Toss, and Frogs.  Each team had to work together to follow the rules and take turns.  I was so excited to see them communicating and working together as they rotated from game to game!

Now we are working on getting a total of 150 tally marks to have a... 
LEGO building activity!

Last week’s VALENTINE’S ACTIVITY was a blast!  Thank you to our fabulous parents for a great activity.  We played Number BINGO with numbers to 30.  We made a valentine to give to someone special.  We worked on our counting and fine motor skills with hearts and chopsticks.  We also used our math skills of estimating, counting, and graphing.  Then, we ate yummy fruit pizzas while listening to stories.  Finally, we opened our valentines and practiced reading our newest high-frequency word, from.

Thank you for all of the wonderful valentines you gave me!  I truly do feel loved!

We are continuing to explore living things and their characteristics.  Next week we will be growing grass and observing and dissecting seeds.  To do this we are in need of the following donations:

  • 1 bag of large lima beans
  • 25 – 8 ounce clear Solo cups
  • 1 small bag of grass seed
  • 1 small bag of Miracle Grow potting soil

Please contact me if you would like to donate any of the above items.

Something to think about...

Just a reminder about tardies and absences as we continue through our adventure of kindergarten.  As of last Thursday, our class has 170 tardies and 217 absences.  That is a lot of lost learning time that is difficult to make up!  When a child is absent, Mrs. Karren works with them to teach them what they have missed.  We are happy to do it but that means that child will need to miss out on Specials: PE, Music, Art, and Spanish to catch up, and it diverts Mrs. Karren from her other responsibilities of working with children with special needs.  Each child also has a 20 minute, daily Waterford session that they need to complete on the IPad that is only accessible from school.  Children that are absent are doing 2 - 20 minute sessions to catch up for each day missed.  We have to do this in order to keep our usage up that qualifies us for the grant that pays for the program. Once again, that also takes away from other learning opportunities in the class or their specials. 

I understand that it is unavoidable when a child is sick.  Then, I want them to stay 
home.  I also understand that sometimes doctor’s appointments require that they leave early or come late.  But, please make every effort to help your child be to school every day, on time.  Thank you for all of your efforts!  

We had a fabulous turn out at Parent Teacher Conferences!  Thank you for taking the time to come!  I hope you enjoyed the Leadership Notebook your child shared with you!  As a teacher it was so rewarding to see them take charge of their conference!  Make sure you keep the pink paper that I gave you and refer to it often.  It shows you what your child needs to work on to be prepared for the end of the year DIBELS assessment and for first grade.