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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Homework Folder
Make sure you send it back to school one last time on Monday with your child’s Teddy Bear worksheet.  Then, I will send it back home on Tuesday with their Data Notebook that they have been working on all year.  Please take time to snuggle up with your child and celebrate all their great learning throughout the year!

I am also sending home a purple paper with graduation information for Friday.  Thursday is the LAST DAY for kindergarten.  Graduation is on the following day, Friday, May 19th.


Don’t forget to send your child to school on Tuesday with their favorite Teddy Bear and a blanket for our Teddy Bear Picnic (it will be at our school during our regular lunchtime).  They can choose to eat school lunch or bring their lunch from home.

Community Helper
We had 2 more community helpers come to our class this week.  Avery’s mom is a Loan Officer at America First Credit Union.  She taught us about how she helps people when they need money for things like cars, houses, and even fun things like ATVs and boats. 

Mr. Boughton is a teacher at the school who brought his daughters service dog to our class.  He talked about how he had to go to school in California to learn how to train and take care of her dog.  We learned that her dog also had to go to school to learn how to be super proactive to be able to do her job.  Wow!

Our kids already have their sights set on what they want to be when they grow up!  Take a look…

Oh boy, our zoo field trip was a fun day!  Thank you to all of the parents that came and helped chaperone and play with us!  Here are a few of the wonderful things we saw and did.  More great pictures will be on our class DVD that your child will be getting this week at graduation!

Library Reading Eagle Party
Thanks to our wonderful librarians – Mrs. Doiser & Mrs. Briggs we had so much fun reading books and enjoying a treat on our blankets and pillows at the reading party last week!  Take a look…

Study Buddy Class
We are so grateful to our 4th grade Study Buddy class!  They have read with us every single week this year.  To show our appreciation the kids wrote a book about their buddy.  It was based on the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.   We called our books The Very Hungry Study Buddy.  This week the kindergartners will present their book to their buddy as a thank you.  We love our study buddies! 

Our Study Buddy also made a book about us!  Thank you Mrs. VanPatten for sharing your wonderful class with us this year!

As you enjoy a fabulous summer don’t forget to have your child spend some time on Raz Kids during the months of June and July.  I will not be monitoring it or giving out stars.  The first week of August I will be removing our class names in preparation for the incoming kindergarten class.

Thank you for the precious gift of sharing your children with me this year!  My first year as a full-day kindergarten teacher has been an adventure I will never forget!  I have loved it and loved seeing what great heights they have achieved.  We can do hard things!  They have become readers, writers, mathematicians, and know what it means to be proactive!  Have a fabulous summer with your kiddo!


Mrs. Scalise

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 36

Hold onto your hat!  This week is going to be a wild ride with so many events going on.  PLEASE make sure you read EVERYTHING in your child’s homework folder when it comes home on Monday.  There are many notes and a couple of final assessments that you won’t want to miss.

Final ZOO Field Trip Reminders
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ü  Have your child get plenty of sleep Sunday night.
ü  Feed your child a BIG healthy breakfast.
ü  Send your child in either school uniform or a school spirit shirt & jeans 
    (It is NOT a free dress day.  Students may only wear jeans if they are wearing a spirit shirt)
ü  Check the weather – a jacket might be a good idea
ü  Wear appropriate comfortable walking shoes
ü  If your child is eating breakfast at school they MUST be finished by 8:05 a.m.
ü  We will be leaving the school at 8:30.  Please don’t be late!  
    We cannot wait for any late students.


If you are driving and meeting us at the zoo please read carefully.  Park in either the parking lot next to the main entrance or in the parking lot across the street to the north of the zoo.  Pay at the main entrance ($16.95) and we will meet you just inside the gate.  Do not come to the bus.  This is different than in the past.
ALL parents will need to have and wear a name tag throughout the day.  I will give you your tag when we meet up with you inside the entrance.
All of children are assigned to be in one of five groups.  Each group will have a parent that is in charge of the group.  If you are joining us please plan on staying with that group throughout the day. 

What your child needs to bring:
ü  Lunch in a paper sack with their name on it if they signed up for home lunch. Please DO NOT send a lunch box.
These children signed up to bring their lunch from home:
1.    Angie
2.    Dilan
3.    Ellis
4.    Jacob M.
5.    Juliet
6.    Kaylee
7.    Leilani
8.    Oaklyn
9.    Payton
10. Rowan
11. Zairah

ü  A light jacket(optional) 

Please DO NOT send extra money for the Gift Shop.  We want to spend all our time with the animals and will not be visiting the Gift Shop.

Parents riding the bus – please be at the school by 8 am:
Jessica Norman, Gloria Sibbett, Anna Cash, Megan Cottle

SCHEDULE for that day:
8:30 a.m.                  Board the bus and leave
Upon arrival             Parents not riding the bus with pay their entrance fee and meet    us just inside the entrance
***Each group leader will decide when they would like their group to ride the train***
11:30 p.m.                 Meet at the pavilion for lunch (east of the front entrance)
1:15 p.m.                   All children will need to be on the bus ready to leave
2:15 p.m.                   Pick your child up at OPA     

As a reminder… ALL students will need to ride the bus to and from the zoo.  NO exceptions.          

MAY 9th ~ Tuesday 

also overdue library fines are DUE that day.  
We will not be checking out any more book this year.

MAY 11th ~ Thursday

Library Reading Eagle Party (look for your child’s invitation in their homework folder).  Each child may bring a small pillow or blanket to the party.


Your child’s homework this week is to complete each task on the TEDDY BEAR page.  After your child completes one of the tasks they need to color it.  On Monday the completed paper is due.  It will be your child’s ticket to our Teddy Bear Picnic (to be held during our regular lunch time) on Tuesday, May 16th.  Your child can bring a sack lunch from home or eat school lunch.  They may also bring a blanket and a teddy bear to eat with.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can eat outside. 

Community Workers
 Last week we had so much fun role playing what community workers do! Like working in a restaurant, being a farmer, being in the army, being a train conductor or train staff and train engineers.  We were also construction workers and architects, veterinarians, and doctors.  Take a look!

 We also had visits from 2 fabulous community worker dads ~ 

Payton's father is a garbage collector.  He showed us all sort of garbage trucks and told us how they work.  We learned new words like: hydraulics and hopper.  He also talked to us about recycling and how it is done. 

Austin's father is in the air force and a surveyor and pilot when he is home.  He taught us why it is important to learn math if you want to be a surveyor.  You have to know how to measure.  If you want to be in the air force you need to be very proactive and follow directions.


Community Worker Dress-up Day ~ Friday, May 12th  
Your child should come to school dressed up as their favorite community worker.  These ARE NOT fantasy, make-believe characters, or super heroes.
We will be taking a picture of each of them.  Please do not go out and buy a costume.  Get creative, look around your house for props.  (No guns or swords).  Take a look at last week’s blog post for some ideas that children have done in the past.

Last but not least…  Friday, May 19th

  • ·         Look for your invitation in your child’s homework folder
  • ·         Have your child at the school by 8:45 am – come to our classroom
  • ·         The children need to wear best dress
  • ·         The children will be wearing a graduation cap – girls, no “poofy” hairdos